Black Chicken Adobo

The Black Chicken Adobo Story

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I learned this dish which my good neighbor sent me as she sent the same to her cousin. It’s Chinese health food for women in their 1st month after they gave birth. (geh lai in Hokkien, in Mandarin, it’s 月子).

Today, I cooked it again and remember my kumare Belen. Months after she learned it from a cooking/bonding session at my place, she asked me for the recipe to cook it for herself.

This dish is a delightful discovery for me because it’s different from the way my mom n mom in law used to cook black chicken. And it’s so easy to do.

Ingredients for Black Chicken Adobo

Heat a little oil, in minced garlic and ginger, put in chicken then add soy sauce paste with a little water to cook on low heat. When meat is tender, turn off heat and add goji berries and drizzle with sesame oil. Bon appetit! (Can also add red dates to cook with the chicken)

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