The Gardener Sees

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This new bloom from my okra plant tells me that an okra is coming soon. When I see the flower closes, I expect that with right water and sunshine, the flower will become a fruit.

Does the okra plant talk? No, it does not. Even when the plant is silent, it sends a message because the gardener sees it.

So with God… often I do not know how to pray, I am at a loss for words how to tell God what I am feeling.. I can only groan and sigh, cry and let the tears speak. I know God sees. He hears my silent groans. He listens to my unspoken thoughts and emotions.

Yesterday, when I shared my sadness and helpless feeling about the suffering and grieving friends all around, 2 friends sent me message. Their message is one and the same: God sees.

Indeed, my hope is in the Lord, the omnipresent Lord, Emmanuel, God with us, the God who sees. God sees all that’s happening in the world today. He sees the end from the beginning and works from beginning to the end for his purpose and glory.

Lord, grant me vision to see what you see… that you are our kind compassionate mighty and just heavenly Father who holds the world in your hands. You work out all things for good to do according to your perfect purpose for your glory because you love us. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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