Story of the Mayanas

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This dark maroon mayana plant is one of my joys each time I visit my babies. I noticed how it’s leaves grew big n lush as I watered it with rice wash. Its lone stem grew so long that it was broken accidentally by the driver when he cleaned the windows from where the plant hangs.

I was so upset when I saw how the long stem was cut short and replanted by the driver. I said he should have moved the plant somewhere while cleaning the windows. Surely it’s going to wilt and die, it’s useless to plant it. I’m so glad I didn’t pull it out and throw it in the trash. After a day or 2, I was surprised that the leaves remained firm. So in the accident, I discovered that mayanas can be grown from cuttings.

My friend told me that the more mayanas are trimmed, the more lush they become. And with that in mind, I cut my yellow ones and replanted them into 3-4 more pots. The longer the stems, the more stable they are when replanted.

So with us, Christians, we grow from our brokenness because our Master Gardener cares for us. He trims and cuts us to multiply and make us bear more fruits. The stronger we mature, then the more resilient we become when we are shaken or cut from our roots.

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