The God who Sees

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The God who sees me… Genesis 16

God is ever timely. He often sends me angels to comfort me in my grief. It never failed to amaze me that friends called me at ‘seemingly’ the most inopportune time – when I was crying or in the middle of a crisis.

The story of Hagar is a classic example of the grieving oppressed and helpless. She ran away from her mistress Sarai because Sarai was mistreating her while she was pregnant with her master’s child (vv.1-6)

I am reminded once more that we as God’s children take courage and encouragement from our God because we know He sees us in our grief. He even looks for us just like he looked for Hagar. (Gen 6:7-8) He asks “Where have you come from and where are you going?” Just like Hagar, we are given the chance to tell him our sad story. Beyond this, God comforted Hagar with promises of blessings and hope (vv.9-12).

Hagar went back to Sarai because she was comforted by the Living One who sees. vv.13-14. When life is hard, perhaps God is also calling you to return to the place of your sadness. Perhaps the circumstances do not change. The grief lingers. And like Hagar, we often feel like running away. Let us take courage to face what is in front of us because we have a God who sees.

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