Gifted Child of God

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Special children, exceptional children, gifted children… children with special needs… do you know that all these are under one umbrella? Yes, even gifted children are children with special needs. We often think that special children – or children with special needs are those with ADHD, autism, disabilities – learning disability, etc. And we think the gifted children are the star or creme of the crop. They possess super powers, extraordinary talents and exhibit brilliant giftedness.

Amidst all these characteristics of giftedness, I remember one simple and basic observation that my SPED professor told us is that gifted children have heightened senses. They have keen sense of observation, hawk eyes and sharp ears. They have heightened sense of smell, taste and touch. Observe the artists of various media – paint, literary, music, sculpture, culinary etc. They are aware of things and ideas ordinary folks do not see.

Regarding spiritual gifts, I believe the gifted child of God has the same sensitivity to the person and character of God. God created man to have a deep relationship with him. He has given man dominion and authority to care for His creation and corresponding aptitude/ability to fulfil the responsibility. Having a keen sense and awareness of God is to see things as God sees, to hear His voice when He speaks, to feel as He feels, and to know Him fully.

Knowledge of God is both a gift of God and man’s responsibility. God provides the raw materials. It is up to man to mine the gold, dig up the diamond and develop this gift. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit help us in this process. Just as gifted children need guidance from teachers and mentors to fully develop their giftedness, so do children of God need the wonderful Counsellor to guide us in the Truth of God’s Word.

Let me beware of burying my gift in the ground.

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