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I learned swimming when I was middle-aged. I swim backstroke most of the time coz that’s the easiest for me. I was impatient to learn the basics of breathing. I can only swim freestyle as long as I can hold my breath. 

A friend said: “Why does it matter, your goal is to exercise.” Same applies to my writing. I write to communicate. Does it matter if it’s in a book or not; whether in a blog…on Fb.. in Viber/What’s App/Messenger? and the list goes on.

It’s been said: You impress people from afar. You influence them up close. I once heard a pastor’s wife, a pastor herself shared her stories in a PTA talk in my kid’s school. What impressed me was her authentic and candid telling of her ‘failures’ as a mom. I then remember another pastor-professor-writer-speaker who often shared her success stories on parenting principles. And I know I can more relate and feel closer to the former speaker than the latter.

Jesus often taught in parables. Parables are stories of practical living with a lesson… simple stories used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels. People, even adults like stories. Stories captivate their attention especially if they can identify themselves with the characters.

So today, my goal as a writer is to be a storyteller – an authentic, candid storyteller… to influence rather than impress. Yesterday was Chinese new year. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Today is my present to you, dear readers. I appreciate your encouraging support and feedback – taking time to read my stories. My 2-in-1 new year resolution and love gift for my readers, friends and family… to keep writing.

A blessed weekend to you, dear reader.

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