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One time at the doc clinic, I noticed there are stacks of books on the side tables near the sofa. One book caught my eye: Conversational Evangelism. The doctor put her personal collection of Christian books for her patients to read while waiting. When I published my book, I gave each of our family doctors a copy. I see it as a means to share the gospel to people I do not know. The Holy Spirit shows me opportunity to do this. When I went to Myanmar, I brought 2 copies of my book. I gave 1 to my roommate, another to our tour guide. He told us the story about praying in the Golden Pagoda: ‘Coincidentally’ the pray-er got his prayer answered. When I asked if he prays, he said he’s a Buddhist but he’s not religious so he does not pray a lot.

Of the 4 guides, I thought to give this one because his English seemed to be the best and he was with us the longest. The last day, I asked: Do you read English books? Yes, I read English books when I teach English to my students. I used the dictionary when there are words I don’t understand. (Yes! I excitedly said to myself.) Would u like to read my book? I wrote a book. He courteously said yes. When he turned it over, he saw my pic and said, it’s you. I laughed and said, yes, it’s me. He thought I was joking.

I said you will know me if you read my book. And learn English too. He teaches English as a volunteer at the monastery where he learned English as a young man. His skill enabled him to get a job w/ higher pay than most workers in the country. As a means of paying back, he volunteered to teach English. For 3 months, 16-year old’s learned 3 levels of English at the monastery after high school. I said you can let your students read my book too. It’s level 4. He said I will put your book in the library of the monastery. See… amazing… God provided a way for me to have my book in a monastery of a Buddhist country.

The whole point of my story is not about my book. I shared this story because I want to share the important lesson I learned. The Holy Spirit guides us to see the opportunities in front of us every day. God grants us grace to be sensitive to when to share the good news to the people He brings to us. You might not have a book, but you can share a kind word, a warm tap on the shoulder, a handshake, a smile and even your silent presence to people in grief. It’s more than conversational evangelism. It’s lifestyle evangelism. It’s friendship evangelism.

When i started the trip, I felt a bit guilty going to a Buddhist country for leisure while my Christian friends go for mission trip. I realized that mission trip can be a 24×7 thing. God can turn all things to work out for his purpose – to those who love him and are called to his purpose. My love for God is not perfect but his purpose for me is perfect. I thank God for the opportunity to share my life with the people he brings to me so that they too will know the good news!

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