Here, There and Everywhere

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Summer of 2019, after Mimi, my youngest graduated from high school, she and I went on a vacation to UK. This is my travel journal from that trip.

Look left, look right.. Mimi and I been doing that throughout the trip here – just making sure we wont be hit by the bus or the bike. Better be safe than sorry – coz here is not like back home – what’s left there is right here and vice versa.

It’s good that street signs whether on posts, in corners of buildings or on the pavements point us where to go, when to turn, where to look. Some streets have pedestrian lanes, some have lights for people/cars, others are just blinking lamp posts.. u can cross at your own risk, press a button to wait, or go with the crowd.

We walked, got Underground, went on the tube, ride in taxis, get on the plane. Wherever we go, people are busy trying to get somewhere; to work, to a tourist attraction, to eat, to meet, to buy something, visit someone etc.

Life too is a journey – a beginning and an end. We need road signs to point us where to go. We need God’s Word to point us in the right direction to live as He wants us to. We need friends and family to walk with us when the way is not easy. We look to loved ones for courage and comfort to get us going. We are given the choice to live how we want or need – either on the pedestrian lane or anywhere on the street. We sometimes need to wait for the green light to be safe. Other times, we need to walk with caution -look to the left and to the right. Choices we make all lead somewhere – close to our destination or far from it.

However, as we live, in this journey called life, we each have a purpose or calling. Some live for fame/glory, success. Some struggle to survive. Children of God are called to God’s purpose to show forth His glory – love God and love neighbours. Whatever we live for – that determines the way we do things, how we respond to people, what we say, what we do… how hard to strive for these goals.

This trip has a beginning and end, as with all vacations, we go back home. So with life, at the end of it, we go somewhere. For Christians, we go home to our Creator who has prepared for us a place with Him in heaven for eternity.

How about you, friend? How is your travel? Are you tired? Are you lost? Are you on the way? Have you found your life-driven purpose? What is it?

Read the Bible and find out. Know God and know the path to a truly abundant and blessed journey called life on earth as it is in heaven.

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