How I become Braver… Courage 101

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Dear friend, what is your greatest fear? Mine used to be: 1) that I would be a widow 2) that I would be maid-less. Used to be… no longer. How? Why?

First, not that I relish the idea of becoming a widow, I no longer ‘worry’ about it. Why? I realized that our lives (mine and hubby’s) are in God’s hands. We will never know who goes first. But how did I change my mind? A friend helped. How? She said: Wow, your in-laws live such long lives. LOL! I have never thought of it that way. I did not and do not think that hubby would have a long life just because his parents had one. Somehow, God used the friend’s words to help me.

When my parents died in 2016, I learned more lessons on being brave, on living and dying. The older does not always precede the younger. Dad was 92 and mom passed on at 78, 5 months ahead. God’s timetable is totally different from ours. What use is there for me to worry about becoming a widow? God will take care of me as He took care of dad when mom died.

Second, I used to worry that we would be without house help until Covid strikes. We became maid-less for more than a year in 2021. We made it! Hubby, our kids and I along with our driver, helped each other carry the burden. And God sent me a helper mid 2022 – a returnee, our former maid, who was with us more than 10 years ago. I did not even have to ask coz it was Melrose who asked me for a job. God is amazing! He sent me help in ways beyond my imagination.

Bottom line: God helps me overcome my fears a.k.a. worries. How? Thru the words and deeds of people in unexpected places and time in surprising means which only He can bring about.

Let me illustrate with a story. I have this fear of snorkeling. I do not like using the mask. I hyperventilate as I’m not used to breathing thru my mouth. So last Nov. I had a chance to do it again – overcome my fear. My kind friends patiently helped me. David is a good teacher. He let me practice breathing thru my nose. Mi Young cheered me on to take my time. And so, I was ashamed to fail them. I prayed. I told myself to be brave. I held on to their hands: 1 on my left and 1 on the right. And together, we explored the beautiful sea-nery: a sea urchin, lots of fish: different sizes, shapes and color. It was wonderful. No guts, no glory. 😊 Thank you, Lord!

So dear friend, what is your fear? What do you worry about? It’s been said that courage is not the absence of fear but the presence of God. Let me add that courage needs practice. Practice makes perfect. And God sends help to let me practice. Practice being brave with God and with man!

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