Do you not care, Jesus?

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Do you not care, Jesus?

Says who? His disciples
Where? Going to the other side, in the boat, leaving the crowd
When? that day when the evening came…
What happened? gale (a very strong wind) arose; waves rocking the boat; water coming into the boat
Where’s Jesus? In the stern (the back of the boat or ship)
What’s he doing? sleeping on a cushion
What did the disciples do? Wake up, teacher!
What did they say? We are going to die, don’t you care?

How did Jesus respond? Jesus 1) got up 2) rebuked the wind 3) said to the sea “Hush (silence, quiet!) Note: rebuke = scold

How did the wind and the sea respond? The wind died down and the sea became ‘perfectly calm’. (very obedient wind and sea)

Jesus asked: Why are you afraid (cowardly)? I know why… u have no faith.
And the result: the disciples became even more afraid: absolutely terrified (NLT), very much afraid (NASB), terrified (NIV)

The disciples asked A different question: Who is this – that even the wind and the sea obey Him?
(Q&A Taken from Mark 4:35-41)

1) Going to the other side, evening (dark, moving from where we are to some place else) – these are some of the life situations we find ourselves in.

2) We Christians, oh we know we have Christ with us – we take Jesus with us and put him in the trunk as our spare tire (he’s sleeping in the back of the boat)

3) Storm comes – wind, waves, water started to fill our boat – rocking with fear and faithless sight – focused on the www, we go to the back of the boat and we say “Hey, Jesus, don’t you care? I’m having a difficult time here! Wake up!

4) Jesus did his miracle – problem solved! then He asked: Why are you so cowardly? Do you think I’m sleeping? What if problem not solved? I think he might still ask: Why are you afraid? Don’t you trust me?

5) After the encounter, the disciples were terrified. From fear of the wind, waves and water in the boat to fear of the One in the boat! From asking: Don’t you care? to asking Who is this that even wind and sea obey?

Questions to ponder:
When the oceans rise and thunders roll, (This is a line from the song: Still), how do u feel?
Is Jesus in the boat with you?
What is he doing? Sleeping? Very comfortably? Not doing anything?
Do you feel he does not care?
You have to wake him up, right?
What would Jesus have said to you? Would he give the same diagnosis?
You of little faith. Why are you afraid? Don’t you trust me?
Do you realise who Jesus is?

He is the one who even the wind and the sea obey. He is the one who created the wind and the sea. He is the one created you, loves you and died for you. He waits for you to go to him in the storms of life.

What are you waiting for? Go and find him, know him, and be afraid no more.

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