Dancing with God

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I often think about dancing with God when I dance in my aero class. In many ways, dancing is like living.

New dance moves especially complicated ones need much practice aside from the learning curve which is steep when the dance instructor teaches it the first time. I attend his class 2x a week. He usually introduces a new dance number on the first class of the week. Then he would repeat the lesson on the 2nd meeting.

He usually starts the class with easy steps like it’s an exercise. After we are warmed up, then he would teach the new routine step by step. It’s important that I come on time so I don’t miss these two segments of the class. The warm-up and the break down of the steps.

So with living life, God shows me the steps to dance through trials and challenges through His Word. I need to follow instructions and follow through with constant practice. I must start the day with His word so I am armed with the right weapon to fight whatever temptation or test that comes my way. It’s amazing how God often reminds me – walk your talk after I write my devotional reflection in my journal.

I used to dance 3x a week – an hour each time. It is my cardio activity that makes me sweat and think at the same time. I often wish that there was a mind-reader or thought recorder that can write down what goes through my mind while i dance. I wonder if I might have more chapters written already if only that were possible.

I realised that the more familiar with the dance moves, the more I enjoy the routine and the more I can multi-task – dance and think. I dance with two different instructors. Each one is unique in style and taste. Sometimes they use the same music in their class. So i need to remember their different moves dancing to the same tune.

So with life, practice makes perfect. Not all challenges and trials are to be dealt and faced the same way. To each his own, to each tune a unique and suitable treatment. A dancer needs to be flexible and adopt to the mood of the music and keep up with the pace of the rhythm. Some routines I prefer over others because I like the music, because they are easier than others, because I had more practice with them. So with facing the daily grind and wind of life, some tasks are easier to tackle than others. Some challenges are challengingly stimulating while others are depressingly stressing. Yet we need to keep dancing till the music stops.

I notice that the teacher often goes one step ahead of us. When I am uncertain of the next move, I need to turn my eyes on him. So with the Holy Spirit, our guide and counsellor in living life, always on time – we will know how to put one foot in front of the other if only we turn our eyes on Jesus.

In a dance routine, steps are often repeated in patterns of 2x, 4x. One for the left, another for the right. Sometimes, in 4 different directions – left, right, front and back. These repetitions allow me to catch up and practice so I can do it right and better the next time. The teacher always repeat the new routine more than 2x in a meeting so we get to remember more. God too gives 2nd chances. If at first I do not succeed, try and try again. Often the reason a difficult person or a challenging circumstance is not taken away or resolved because God wants us to learn the lesson first. We need repetitions for practice to dance better and live better.

Sometimes, the instructor stops in the middle of the routine to check if we can do it alone, or he needs to take a break… You know how well he taught us when you see everyone continues dancing without mistakes because the ones at the back follow the veterans in front. That’s what I do – i turn my eyes to the best dance classmate – so I will not miss a step. So in the Christian life, veterans or spiritually mature friends and mentors mirror for me how to be in step with the music – the difficult routines or new numbers that I am not familiar with… especially when God seems to be nowhere in sight.

What else… I know there are more metaphors/similes to dancing and living.. but I need to get on the dance floor to remember.. 😅

Dear friend, go out and dance.. enjoy the music… life is fun when you dance with God. Cheers!

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