Life-long Learning

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I learned to drive when I already had 2 school children. I went to French classes when I was pregnant with Michelle, my youngest. I took a couple of swimming lessons just before I learned that I was pregnant. I stopped because I had to have bed rest.

I cannot remember when I first went to aerobics classes. Perhaps in my late 30s. I got inspired by my middle-aged friend, who said she preferred exercise to diet. She went to gym everyday to keep fit. And she looked fab for her age.

I had quite some driving experiences which I can put together in a booklet called ‘Driving for Dummies.’ My conversational French is limited to Merci beaucoup, s’il vous plait, Je m’appelle, je t’aime, and aurevoir. I only swim backstroke because I can only last 10 seconds swimming freestyle. πŸ€ͺ

So among all my extra-curricular adult learnings, I like dancing best. Friends were surprised that I dance (andics modesty aside, dance fairly well too. 😜 But you should ask me how I fared in my first few aerobic sessions. It was muscle pain all over especially round the waist and hips. Belly dancing is definitely out for me. I was like a log trying to curl and shake the best I could.

Yet practice does make perfect. Well not that perfect to the level of being that of my dance instructor, but still passable. I’m somewhere in the middle of the class. Many are so much more gifted kinesthetically. I draw inspiration from them to do better. When I make mistakes, it’s ok even teachers make mistakes sometime.

So what’s the point of all my stories? Learning is a life-long process. Everyday, learn something new… to keep fit in body, mind and soul. Some things I do better than others. Some things I fail. Sometimes, I make mistakes. There are things that I might not never learn to do perfectly like swimming freestyle. And that’s ok. The main thing is that I get to exercise. I might not be a master chef and it’s alright coz the important thing is I can feed my family. 😘 And hubby likes my specialties. πŸ˜‹

So let me see… what else can I learn today? πŸ€” Perhaps I will share with you when I find out. In the meantime, share what you’ve been learning, my friend. Let us inspire each other to learn something new and grow every day to be a better person than we were yesterday.

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