Cause for Pain

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Once there was a writing workshop entitled ‘Writing out of your Pain.’ I did not attend the event but I imagined a bit what the theme of the event implies.

I remember a friend once said to me: Wow, so now you have more things to write about. She was my group leader at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). In this group, I have experienced the comfort and encouragement as I share my pain and my weaknesses.

In my journey with pain and suffering, I have learned that the way is brighter and the burden lighter when I have friends to walk with me. But first, I need to be brave and candid to share my story. I need to open myself and be vulnerable to be authentic. What you see is what you get.

Another friend once observed that problems in life are like hard questions in class. When a teacher asked a difficult question, do we not look anywhere except at her? Very few if anyone at all would raise his hand to answer the question. So with cancer, depression, unfaithful spouse, rebellious child, sickness, death, etc… nobody, not even Christians would volunteer for these sufferings.

Even so, Christians are called to rejoice always, pray without ceasing and give thanks in everything as they face the hard questions of life. Being joyful in spite of sickness, being thankful even in poverty or want, praying at all times even though God seems to be silent, as they do all these, they are credible witnesses to God’s grace and mercy.

I am learning more and more that God uses the hard circumstances of life to shape me into his likeness. Out of the depths of my heart’s most painful experiences, God turns my pain into gain. It is when I am in the pit of sorrow that I get to experience God’s tightest and most comforting embrace.

Indeed, tea is steeped in hot water. God puts me in hot water to draw out the Spirit of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

He wants me to practice forgiving 70×7 just as He is kind and merciful to forgive me 70×7. The Holy Spirit is constantly prompting me to persist and persevere in this difficult lesson called humility. Nothing hurts more than hurt pride. Yet, at the point when hurt pride no longer exists, then perhaps that is the same instance when humility is achieved.

Sharing my vulnerabilities is by the grace of God. He enables me to write from my pain so I can be a true witness to His grace. He emboldens me to share my weaknesses so i can depend on his grace – to let his light shine through – that His name be glorified and His children be edified. That is His purpose for my pain.

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