Bitter or Better

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A friend once told her son: Do you know who’s the original avenger? It’s God. She then shared verses from Psalms.

Yes, it is true. God is our avenger – first and last. Have you ever felt you’ve been wrongly accused? I have. Have you felt sad because a loved one say things that hurt? I have. Many times, I had to defend myself. And often it ended in me getting angry and bitter. Then I remember how Jesus responded to wrong accusations. He said nothing. He had prayer as his prep work.

So I tried his example. Instead of defending myself, I prayed. Lord, please vindicate me. You know my intentions. And how quick the Lord answered my prayers! I cried not because I was hurt (well, maybe yes that too.) I cried because a friend spoke up for me. I felt so much better.

Bitter or better… the difference is only one letter. If ‘I’ focused on myself, ‘I’ ‘I’ “I’, I easily turn bItter. But when ‘I” is replaced with ‘E”… E for Emmanuel, God with me… then I can be better.

Yes, God is my avenger – the Alpha and Omega! All He wants is for me to learn humility. Just like when Jesus was humble in the way of the cross; on the road to suffering the shame, God avenged Him. Jesus now sits at the right hand of God the Father, and upon His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Thank you, Jesus for your example in humility.

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