The Mysterious Ways of the All-provident God

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1 Kings 17

How does a man survive drought and famine after he tells a bad king that there would be no rain until God says otherwise? v.1
1) He had to hide after giving such bad news. v.3
2) God provided: Elijah was fed by ravens, and told to drink from the brook Cherith. Take note: bread and meat for breakfast; bread and meat for dinner. v.4-6
3) Then what? After a while, the brook dried up…hmmm how long was that? Imagine drinking up the whole brook – it went dry because there was no rain. v. 7
4) Again the word of the Lord came to Elijah.. what now? where now? God told Elijah to go to Zarepath. I researched that from Cherith to Zarepath is about 100-120 miles. How many days did Elijah travel? What did he drink or eat along the way? Why Zarepath? Who’s there? A widow.. v.8-9
5) What’s the widow doing? gathering stick to prepare her last meal with a handful of flour and a little oil in the jar v.10-12
6) Elijah: ‘Don’t worry. Go and prepare the bread – make one for me first. Then you may make one for yourself and your son.’ v.13 How? ‘The Lord God of Israel says: ‘The bowl of flour shall not be exhausted, nor shall the jar of oil be empty, until the day that the Lord sends rain on the face of the earth.’” v.14

Conclusion: v.15-16
So she went and did according to the word of Elijah, and she and he and her household ate for many days. The bowl of flour was not exhausted nor did the jar of oil become empty, according to the word of the Lord which He spoke through Elijah.

Lessons:God provides through ways and means beyond man’s imagination. Ravens and starving widow… brook that dried up… one step at a time, one day at a time. All we need to do: trust and obey. Trust God: believe that His Word never fail. He fulfils His promises.

How to trust? Obey: do as he says. Indeed it is sometimes difficult to trust and obey. If you were the widow, would you give your last meal to a stranger first even though he said there would be enough afterwards for you and your son? Even Elijah learned of God’s providence, step by step. First the ravens, then the widow. But before the raven, what did Elijah have? Only God’s Word! And he learned that God’s Word is more than enough.

Lord, help me to trust and obey one step at a time. You always do as you promised. You are always beside me. Thank you for being my faithful, powerful and mindful God who loves me and cares for me. Amen.

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