High and Low

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The high and the low: that is how we read the weather report – we take note of the hi’s and the low’s. So in marriage and relationships, we all have our hi’s and low’s.

One hi and low issue I often struggle with in my life is that of pride and shame. What is common to these two is ego – the self. Pride is self-worthiness and shame is self-worthlessness. Both pride and shame come from seeking people’s approval – either found or lost. Both are not the true self – not the authentic person that God created me to be.

In the NT, there are two records of God speaking to Jesus about Jesus. One was when Jesus was baptised. The other was when Jesus was transfigured.

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Jesus started his ministry with God’s words of affirmation. He heard it again before going the way of the cross. His ministry on earth was grounded on God’s approval. His journey to the cross was grounded on God’s approval. There was no pride and there was no shame. Because the ultimate truth is that Jesus is God’s Beloved Son, in whom God is well-pleased.

God created me in His own Image. I am His beloved. No praise of men should make me proud nor their disapproval shame me. There is nothing I can do to earn His approval. There is nothing about me that He is ashamed of.

The hi and the low… let me remember where I stand.

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